New generation of Aerospray® Automatic Slide Stainers/Cytocentrifuges.

The Aerospray family of stainers are dual- purpose microprocessor-controlled
slide staining and cell preparation systems. These stainers are capable of
staining hematology, gram, or acid fast bacteria specimens. This new generation of Aerospray
continues to use our time tested and superior atomizing spray nozzles to apply fresh
reagents onto microscope slides mounted in a rotating carousel. This method of staining
is rapid and precise, producing specimens with exceptionally clean fields with no cross-contamination.
Added features include the capability to warn user’s when reagent levels are low and when
a CLEAN cycle is recommended. Still designed, built, and serviced by Wescor in Logan, Utah, the new generation
of Aerospray stainer/cytocentrifuges builds on the solid foundation of Wescor’s winning design.
The new Aerospray Stainers include the Aerospray Stat, for water-based hematology
staining, Aerospray Pro, for alcohol-based hematology applications; Aerospray Gram, for microbiology
applications; and Aerospray TB for acid fast bacteria applications.
The Cytopro stand-alone cytocentrifuge is also available.

ELITech Biomedical Systems, Logan, Utah (800) 453 2725.




Wescor, Inc, Logan, Utah --now a proud part of the ELITech Group of Companies. Wescor announces that its
new Model 5600 Vapro Vapor Pressure Osmometer, which measures the osmolality of solutions, will be
available in January 2010. The new Vapro can be used to determine the osmolality in any type of
sample: fluids, viscous, and even tissue, giving the Vapro osmometer great versatility in clinical medicine
or biomedical research applications. The Vapro Osmometer requires a sample volume of only 10 microliters.
Osmolality is displayed in 90 seconds. The fundamental advantages of Vapor Pressure Osmometry have
been enhanced with utomatic thermocouple cleaning and mechanized sample slide operations, making
osmolality measurements with the Vapro the easiest and most user-friendly available. The Vapro programming
includes robust self-diagnostics for complete monitoring of osmometer functions. The Vapro includes computer
and printer interface capability. For user’s who want to record more detailed information, or to capture the results
in a computer file, Wescor’s Vapro Lab Report software for Windows operating systems combines user-provided
information with measurement results directly from the Vapro to produce a printable and/or savable report.


The ELITech Group, a French privately of substantially all of the assets of Nanogen.

PARIS, FRANCE – June 25, 2009 – The ELITech Group announces its
acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Nanogen, Inc. (Pink Sheets: NGEN), Epoch Biosciences,
Inc., and Nanotronics, Inc., including Nanogen Advanced Diagnostics S.r.l., a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Nanogen, Inc., under the terms of an asset purchase agreement dated May 13, 2009. This court
order now clears the way for ELITech to complete the acquisition of Nanogen and, subject to
customary closing conditions, the parties expect to close the transaction on or about June 30th, 200. More...


Elitech Group Aquires Wescor Inc

Puteaux, 15th June, 2007 – On May 31, 2007, ELITECH Group, largest
independent distributor of in-vitro-diagnostic products in France announces
the acquisition of the American corporation WESCOR Inc. More...